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Generac 10000 Watt Portable Generator Offers More Power On The Go

Generac 10000 Watt Portable Generator Offers More Power On The Go

The market trends continue to change all the while and with new technologies in the making, we can expect the manufactures to meet the needs of the market effectively. These days, people prefer lightweight portable things. They want things that can serve multiple purposes. The generators made by Generac in the portable category can be used in many ways. 

You can use these devices for work sites, for camping trips, outdoor events, RV and boats. When grid power fails, you can use the same unit to power your essentials at home or the shop. It makes life easier at home and more enjoyable outdoors. Use it to run the heater or the chiller or watch TV when you are out camping. It will power lights, fans, and mosquito repellents besides the coffee maker and the electric cooker.

Generac XG Series 10000E portable generator offers ample power to meet our needs on the go. This model comes with a heavy-duty Generac OHVI engine that is specially designed to give high performance. This model has a compact design which makes it easy to store and move around. It is also very easy to use and maintain. The engine uses full pressure lubrication and a spin-on oil filter.

This Generac 10000 watt portable generator features the PowerBar™ to monitor power wattage. The control panel can be used at night without the use of a flashlight. It has an LED display for better visibility. You can check the hours and maintenance cycles as well. This 10kW model has a large fuel tank with a fuel gauge and can run for long hours. It stores more than 15 L of or 4 gallons of gasoline.

Safety features include low-oil shutdown and covered outlets. Starting this model is a breeze with a single touch electric start. This model comes with a free battery. The heavy-duty steel cradle keeps the engine safe during transportation. When you want to move your unit at the job site, the never go flat tires and the folding handle make the job easier. It comes with free oil and maintenance kit.

The best thing about this model is the engine life. The heavy-duty engine has three to four times longer life than others in its class. Portable electric generators can be bought online easily. Buying a Generac 10000 watt portable generator means you will have ample power for your outdoor activities. After buying the unit you will need to keep it well maintained so it can give you best possible performance every time you use it. Your generator may need weekly exercise so get all the information you need on the model while making an online purchase. The customer service representatives are waiting to answer all your queries. Get answers to all your questions and buy with complete peace of mind knowing your unit is backed by a warranty and after-sales support. Most dealers offer free shipping which adds to savings.