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For summer, colors of freedom

QWhat an evolution! At the end of 2012, almost ten years ago, we discovered a new brand and an amazing watch. The brand is Briston, founded by Brice Jaunet, an entrepreneur who has worked successively in the world of watchmaking and eyewear. Appropriately, he took advantage of his knowledge in this field to give birth to a watch equipped with a tortoise shell cushion case. Or rather in cellulose acetate whose marbled brown shades recall the glasses of yesteryear.

From retro-chic to sport-fun

Born under a beautiful retro face, this first Briston will start a gradual change by daring to wear new colors, sober like black or khaki, or ultra -color, even flashy. A metamorphosis accompanied by technical changes: automatic calibers were added to the initial quartz movements; integrated complications, such as chronograph or GMT function; and models with digital displays rubbed shoulders with needle dials. In short, the brand has evolved over time, diversifying its collections and moving various levers of seduction.

Time to rock

In the warm month of August, here is a launch that goes well with the boldness of summer. The Streamliner Adventure line, which appeared in 2021, experienced, in the house’s own words, a real “chromatic explosion” by including the word “Swing” in its name. If we are familiar with the dials dressed in bright but simple Briston colors, we discover new pieces that play the card of the overall multi-colored look: which is compatible with NATO-type straps , cases and dials develop excitement through veins and nuances of blue, red. , green or orange tones.

Psychedelic Hours

Black flange with blue, magenta and white graduations; central part of the dial engraved with various luminescent lines; hour and minute hands covered in Super-LumiNova color, the chromatic explosion mentioned earlier is really there, in full light or in the dark, to quickly go from the beach to the dancefloor. Without forgetting the vintage side of the double digital display provided by a quartz movement.

Perfume of adventure

But on the sidelines of the pop atmosphere, Briston also decided to speak to watch lovers who are more interested in adventure than laziness and disco nights. It is in the spirit of the outdoors that the new Streamliner Adventure versions in steel or PVD steel were conceived. This metal treatment thus makes it possible to have a case (clear cushion) of 44 mm in gunmetal or bronze color. Blue, olive green or black bezels and dials complete the palette, matching the NATO straps. In fact, with the new Streamliner Adventure Swing or Steel offered at the most affordable price, Briston encourages you to live a summer that combines relaxation and action.

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