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Florence Tilkens expresses her love of Greek wine in ‘The Odyssey of Greek Wine’

Florence Tilkens For the past three decades he has sailed between London and Paris, sailing by chance and fascination. These various projects have shared international developments, and it was during her return to London that she decided to give her passion for wine a professional dimension. When you meet Florence Tilkens, you get to know her love of ancient drinks. “Wine is sharing, it’s meeting. Wherever I talk about wine, I always get positive feedback,” said the sommelier.

She then became an international sommelier and judge for many competitions, which led her to meet Pierre Guigui, the founder of the company Amphora competitionAfter several editions, the reporter asked him to introduce Greek organic wines to the competition. This is the beginning of the love between Florence Tilkens and Greece.

She then began to meet grape growers in the southern European country, unknown to the French, with few promotions. Therefore, Florence feels that she is on a mission to make the world aware of the different grape varieties.she found greek wine And interrupt his daily life with speeches, tastings, and writing about these wonderful wines.

So, the idea of ​​writing a book came naturally. The Odyssey of Greek Wine Yes “Through time and space, we go back to the Paleolithic hypothesis, from Greek antiquity to the classical period, ending in our time.” More than a time travel, readers take a geographic journey through Europe and the development of wine during colonial times.

certainly, Florence Tilkens Don’t forget it’s aimed at French food lovers. “I offer my favourite wines, but without a doubt I offer pairings between the most classic French dishes and Greek wines”, she specified.

When we asked this French lady why she wanted her book (which has been published since June 22) to be published in London too, her answer sounded obvious, even though it was written in French. “For over three decades, I have had a strong connection to the city, where more than 400,000 French people live, so I said to myself why not.”

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