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Decoration signed by Salone del Mobile

Dior’s house

VSThis line dangerously rejects Dior’s emblematic codes in the home world: toile de Jouy, bees, lucky lily of the valley. For Salone del Mobile, Dior Maison asked Philippe Starck to update another expensive piece on Christian Dior : the iconic oval medallion chair, style icon Louis XIV. The French designer chose to refine, refine and literally lighten it with strong aluminum to give birth to Miss Dior, which can be used in black chrome, pink copper or even gold.


The saddler has been designing items for the home since the 1930s and furniture since the 1980s, first conceived by interior designer Rena Dumas. For Salone del Mobile, Hermes especially working with one of his favorite materials, cashmere. Five models of the bed cover reveal geometric games, the result of meticulous knowledge. Like the Surface model, whose hexagons are formed by the work of patchwork and chasing signed by American artist Carson Converse.


Giorgio Armani was one of the pioneers of early decline in a whole art of living around his signature. Already in 1982, he envisioned the Logo lamp, the beginning of the launch, in 2000, of his line of furniture and decorative items Armani/house. We see his palette of inspirations, Eco Art, oriental influences but also Italian craftsmanship with marquetry and Murano glass. At Salone del Mobile, the Italian house presents the Suite garment rack in solid paulownia wood and dove skin.

Louis Vuitton

Since 2012, the house has developed a collection of nomadic objects with prestigious signatures. A total of sixty pieces, designed by Marcel Wanders, Patricia Urquiola and India Mahdavi, recounting the art of traveling the heart of the brand since 1854. This tenth collection is an opportunity to present new version of Bomboca modular sofa. (Photo) Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana and a table designed for outdoor use at Raw Edges ’London studio.

Home of Dior, Hermès, Armani/casa, Louis Vuitton

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