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Deborah Turbeville: Versailles front side

“Lifeless figures gather in rooms with no more comfort than all the other abandoned objects and debris – hairpins, leaves, documents, shoes, children, animals, clothes , wigs, masks, petticoats – all witness refugees, it is so dangerous that an open window can. finish it, “he describes in the introduction to the book.” Finally, these rooms stopped. to identify subjects, determining that all objects in the past have the same value in the account. It is known by one, as sketched in a soft pencil, accentuated by an occasional colored gouache-here in a mouth, there is a thread on a petticoat or a slight tint on the a wig – everyone remembers a much more vividly in the early hours. “

Between the deserted alleys of the park and a room with furniture wrapped in white, a monochrome walk with a taste of the forbidden, we were amazed to find some similarities to the film. Last year in Marienbad by Alain Resnais, one of Deborah Turbeville’s favorite directors. Away from the Palace of Versailles, a place with sulfur power that has become a tourist attraction, the American photographer provides a haunted glimpse of this extravagant place. This is the goal of Jackie Kennedy, who will edit Invisible Versailles for the DoubleDay house: “I want him to reveal what happened there, to show that there are ghosts and memories. “

Invisible Versailles by Deborah Turbeville, DoubleDay, 1981. Courtesy of MUUS collection.

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