Dandruff & its causes

Dandruff & its causes

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes itching and flakes to appear. It only occurs when you do not take care of your scalp & which leads to a negative effect. People living in whichever area of this world are affected by this problem. Various symptoms are there like itchy scalp, red patches on the scalp, flakiness & many more. There are four types of dandruff founded as per research i.e. dry skin dandruff, oil-related skin dandruff, fungal dandruff, and disease-related dandruff. To cure this problem anti-dandruff shampoo & the best medicated anti-dandruff lotion India is available that could be used as per the situation and if prescribed by the doctor & sometimes they also prescribe some home remedies regarding this.

Why dandruff occurred?

There are many reasons for the occurrence of dandruff. Some main reasons why this problem occurs-:                                                              

  • Itchy & oily skin– People with this have itchy & oily skin that results in the occurrence of this problem. Affected parts include the sides of the nose, back of the ears & eyebrows.
  • Dry skin- Any person with dry skin is affected by this. Dandruff that stems from this skin will have smaller, non-oily flakes.
  • Skincare products & medicines- Different types of skincare products are available in the market but only be taken if prescribed by the doctor.
  • Diet- A major player for this is a diet. Consuming things that contain some types of fats, zinc & vitamin B increases this problem.
  • Not washing hair regularly- If you are not washing the hairs regularly, then skin and oil cells combine to form this thing and continuously go on increasing.
  • Stress- It completely worsens the skin conditions & weak the immune system. So, some relaxation methods could be used to get rid of stress and our scalp will remain healthy.
  • Pollution- Harmful pollutants are there in the atmosphere which affects your scalp’s health and makes it more prone to dandruff and other problems too.
  • Harsh hair products- Hair care products especially which contain synthetic & toxic chemicals or ingredients which rob the scalp’s natural pH, dehydrating it. 
  • Not brushing hairs regularly- It can also increase the chances of getting the things again & again as a build-up of dead skin cells occurs on the scalp repeatedly.
  • Alkaline shampoo- People who are suffering from dandruff are suggested to use neutral or slightly acidic pH shampoo so that the problem should be cured easily & the scalp becomes healthier.
  • Hormone Imbalance- Hormones play a very important role in the body’s oil production. Excess oil triggers the growth of fungus which causes dandruff.

Hence, this problem will continuously go on increasing if we are not taking preventive measures regarding this. If timely precautionary measures are taken, then this problem could be cured. Different types of medical shampoo India are available to treat the problem and make your scalp healthy within a specific period otherwise this problem goes on increasing day by day and if the situation goes on worse or some allergic reactions are there then you must consult the doctor before taking any precautionary measures. Timely treatment must be there otherwise the results could be worse.