Capacitive Discharge Welder For Strong And Repeatable Welds

Capacitive Discharge Welder For Strong And Repeatable Welds

In mass production, the welds have to be made quickly. When you are manufacturing thousands of units of any given product or part or component you have to have a high level of precision. For this reason, the welding equipment is now computerized. The equipment has the software that stores the required settings of the weld.

In the past welding used to be expensive. Making new products required a lot more investment than it does today. There used to be a lot of wastage that increased the cost of production. Now with better technology in use, it is easy for companies to make new products, parts, and components within the budget. 

The welders have to heat the two pieces to be joined and use an electrode. Electrodes are made of a variety of materials and you will need to match your weld materials with the right type of electrode. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of applications. Electrodes apply the right amount of pressure on the weld pieces. Heat, pressure setting, and the weld time are programmed so the welder continues to give identical welds throughout the day.

When the equipment releases energy on to the welding area it has to be just the right temperature. With a capacitive discharge welder energy can be stored for later release. This allows for quick release of energy and a fast weld. With a longer heat cycle and high heat, some types of materials can get oxidized and there can be a lot of spatter.

 When the capacitive discharge welder releases quick energy it takes a few milliseconds for nuggets to form. The surface area near the weld spot does not get damaged. There is no spatter as the energy is directly focused on the welding pieces so the adjacent areas do not get heated much. Heat changes the properties of the metal and the area affected by heat is very small.

Copper and aluminum are difficult metals to weld as they are both electrically and thermally conductive metals. The quick release of energy allows these metals to be joined effectively. The welds come out strong and clean.

When the power from the grid is fluctuating you will not have to worry about the welds or the equipment. The equipment stores a reserve of power which it uses for welding. Therefore, your welding projects will never slow down if you have a CD welder working for you. The capacitive discharge welder manages the voltage of the welding capacitors. In the Sunstone welders, you can find the energy adjustment knob to adjust the voltage. It has a Weld Energy Indicator as well. The weld energy display bar has 10 levels adjustable to watts-seconds. This display will flash when maximum energy has been reached. Pulse energy is adjustable from 3% to 100% 

of the stored energy. These welders have to be charged for some time and are used with external electricity. If you are looking for welders for your welding project, look online to find a reliable company that sells modern branded equipment. For large projects, it is better to outsource the work to a third party.