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Ask UK NHS for French-made vaccine doses: Still a little patience

Concerns about AstraZeneca, practicality of vaccination in areas of origin when one is there for a relatively long period of time… French in UK would prefer to receive one or more doses of anti-Covid in France . It’s just that the NHS, the UK’s health service, still lacks a bit of fluidity in its endorsement of these doses.

In principle there is no problem. From December 9th, It is possible that doses of vaccines given abroad are approved. Provided, of course, that the vaccine used is approved by the UK, which is the case with the vaccine given in France (Pfizer, Modena, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson). People can register their doses simply by going to a vaccination centre with proof of vaccination and passport.Among other things, this realization can produce a “NHS Covid Pass”, UK Health Pass.

only, You must make an appointment. That’s what’s quite complicated right now… No time period – or very little or quite far away – is available. Several French nationals from London testified. “The only appointments offered to me were in Southampton. Or this side of Birmingham”, means florenceOn Facebook, Nicholas explained that he had been offered a spot in St Pancras but was unable to book. And another one in Bristol… Juliet looked at it often and said she hadn’t seen it” Or, no appointment” or

“Go somewhere far away from London, like Ipswich (Suffolk) or Peterborough”.

However, the generally recognized French health pass “I had my first two doses in France this summer because we weren’t sure when we returned to the UK, Florence said. I also did my “booster” there after Christmas. I prefer a 100% vaccination plan from the same country because I have friends who have to be vaccinated in the UK and France, which is complicated.

Lilia received her first dose of AstraZeneca in London, but because she preferred the messenger RNA vaccine, she chose France for the second dose…as for the third dose (messenger RNA), she was able to get it in the UK . Fortunately, there are some difficulties at the moment, and getting foreign-made injections approved is not that urgent. Health passes are much less in demand in England than in France (the only places or events where visitors are legally obligated to check their Covid status are nightclubs and places that receive a lot of people during festivals, concerts, sporting events etc). . As for Hexagon, it is acceptable in principle, Designated by British authorities Compare

“People who have been vaccinated in another country can produce an alternate proof of vaccination if accepted at the UK border.” But things are not always clear. For example, Alexis says he can’t always be sure, “before you get there”

Certain activities that require a health pass accept French documents. So it proposes some less practical tests…

To clarify things from an administrative point of view The fact that they were not vaccinated when registered in the UK system also created a certain amount of dysfunction.Florence said she often received letters and “Many times, text messages” The NHS reason was that she was not considered vaccinated in the eyes of the local authorities (she informed her doctor that she was vaccinated against the hexagon, though). For Lilia, things were special because of the doses she was taking in France, she also didn’t think about getting vaccinated,

The NHS asked her to self-isolate because she was a contact case. The problem has now been resolved, but the French woman is still unable to identify her hexagonal dose. At least, not quite.When Lilia received her “Booster” English, she was able to record it as “3rd dose”In NHS applications, but still a second injection is not considered. Lilia brought her French certificate. “ I explained to the nurse that I had my second dose in France. He recorded this in his system to verify the fact that I had a “booster” but the dose was not officially registered. So the French woman is still trying to get the vaccine approved.

“For me, endorsement is not inherently about a health pass. I just want to update my dissertation. I have three injections and I want endorsement (**).” On the NHS side, the stated idea is really to allow people “renew” their vaccinations, especially if they received booster doses in England. Aware of the lack of places, the Ministry of Health said, “The list of sites (where you can register your vaccinations) will be expanded”. Lilia expected to have to wait and wasn’t surprised.

“With the wave of pollution, the NHS certainly has to prioritise on-site vaccination.”

) Respondents declined to give their last names

(**) The French travelled to France this winter and had no problems transferring her third dose of English to the TousAntiCovid app.

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