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Ariane & Alix Daguin: Good Taste from Mother to Daughter

“Come around 1pm and have lunch with us.” When offered by Ariane Daguin, an invitation like this is impossible to refuse. Based in the United States for nearly 40 years, the daughter of Michelin-starred chef André Daguin introduced American diners to foie gras, duck breast, and other organic meats through D’Artagnan, the distribution company he founded to supply high-end restaurants and food stores in the country. However, this time, the meal was not enjoyed in a gourmet bistro in Manhattan, but in a more bucolic setting an hour’s drive north of New York City.

In the village of Goshen in the middle of the Hudson Valley, Ariane Daguin, 64, and her daughter Alix, 34, have engaged themselves in a new business: a 14-acre farm that named All One One All. This nod to Alexandre Dumas’ musketeers motto is also a manifesto for this unique farm, where ducks, sheep, bees, vegetables, and trees coexist as part of an agroforestry framework. . According to this system, animal and plant species are brought together for mutual benefit, which also protects and regenerates the earth. Land for one, one for land!

This nature-oriented perspective also applies to farm operations. A barn dating back to 1805 is home to a store that sells eggs, chicken, and vegetables, as well as precooked dishes, herbal teas, and preserves. “The concept is based on local cuisine made exclusively of what is produced in us and in this province,” said Alix Daguin. On sunny days, tables are placed outside, where people can eat or have coffee, and there are cooking and crafts classes open to families. “We are a nonprofit. Our goal is to show that farming can provide delicious food and be accessible to everyone. We do everything to make it happen, including workshops, guided tours, and meals.

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