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As one of the most profligate clubs in the Premier League in recent seasons, Everton are forced to put money into the treasury.

According daily mailthem Butterscotch must balance their accounts by June 30th to meet Financial Fair Play. This means that the Liverpool club must sell players, and a certain Richarlison (25) can pay for the rest.

Chelsea and Tottenham on Richarlison

With 53 goals and 14 assists in 152 games in an Everton shirt, the Brazilian striker could thus move to Chelsea or Tottenham. Looking for reinforcements to compete in the Champions League next season Blues and spurs must invest at least £50m (€58m) to hire Richarlison, who has two years left on his contract.

To see if the two London clubs are willing to raise the stakes, or if the urgency of their financial situation forces Everton to cut the price of their best player.


While Chelsea and Tottenham wanted Richarlison (25), Everton need to sell their Brazilian striker as soon as possible. According to The Daily Mail, the Butterscotch has until June 30 to complete the transfer.


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