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A Hard Hit French-American Podcast

This debut episode sets the tone. Every two months, the Consulate General of France in New York examine “current struggles” by interviewing French and American guests. “We will choose relevant, social, contemporary themes,” says Garance Choko. “We ask our guests-they are all stars in their respective fields, mostly a French-American duo-to explain their work, their impact on society, what they have learned from each other, and the similarities and differences between their methods. ”

This bilateral model can be seen from the opening music. A Parisian salvo of car horns is followed by dulcet tones by Josephine Baker: “I have two loves, my country and Paris.” It was then replaced, like an echo, by JFK’s voice When he landed at Orly airport for his first official visit to Europe on March 31, 1961, the U.S. president paraphrased Thomas Jefferson, stating : “Everyone has two countries, France. and of himself. ”

According to French consul Jérémie Robert, this podcast is an opportunity to discuss the major challenges shared by France and the United States, including diversity, gender equality and equality, the mobilization of the younger generation, and the fight against climate change. The second stage will unite Xiuhtezcatl Martineza 22-year-old American activist and hip hop artist of Aztec heritage appearing in Flore Vasseur’s 2021 documentary Mas Dako Natoand French climate expert and professor at Columbia Pierre Gentin.

The third episode will address the theme of inclusivity in the fashion industry, “a major sector in France and New York,” said Jérémie Robert. In this installment, About will welcome the African-American makeup artist Flower Raisawhose career jumped from in-house tutorials posted on YouTube to Rihanna’s runway show and Vogue covers, and French executive Nathalie Gerschtein who became the first female president of the consumer products division for L’Oréal North America in May.

Upcoming episodes include a focus on rap, its influence in Europe, and a new French rap scene that shamelessly mixes American and African sounds, with the French artist. MC Solar and American rapper Jadakiss. There may be a stage in sports, as a basketball player Evan Fournier has already expressed his interest! From Val-de-Marne DEPARTMENTS, he has played in the NBA since 2012 and signed with the New York Knicks last year. “His career has shown the importance of games as a way to unite and create social cohesion,” according to the consul. “Costs are especially important for France to run the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.”

The consulate also hopes to take advantage of the presence of large French numbers in New York City to drive its podcast. And regardless of the guest list, the goal will always remain the same: “To offer a modern perspective on our societies and the challenges they face, highlighting the commitments shared by France and the United States, and eliminate misunderstandings! “

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