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4 Safest Exercises for the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

4 Safest Exercises for the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The third trimester is the final trimester that starts from the 7th month to the final month of the pregnancy. It is the most critical and important moment for both mother and child. Exercises during the third trimester can help to stay fit and healthy. According to the research, low to moderate intensity exercises are helpful for reducing prenatal depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances.

For protecting my wife from these conditions I consulted with Karachi’s best gynecologists and they suggested my wife 4 safest exercises that are best during the third trimester.

4 Exercises to Do During Third Trimester

The exercises that are best during the third trimester are walking, yoga, body weight, and swimming. All of these exercises are beneficial for improving strength, cardiovascular fitness, blood pressure, mood, and weight control during pregnancy. Let’s get into the details of these effective exercises below.

  1.       Walking And Jogging

Walking and jogging both are highly effective for staying fit and healthy during the third trimester. These exercises are helpful for whole-body movement and it strengthens the muscles. However, it is important to minimize the duration of walking and jogging when moving from second to third trimester.

Start walking for 10 to 15 minutes a day and avoid unpaved roads and walk paths because on broken paths there is a high probability that you will trip and fall which endangers the life of your little one.

  1.       Swimming And Aqua Aerobics

The next exercise that you can do is swimming or aqua aerobics. These exercises are safe as compared to jogging and walking because there is no danger of tripping and falling. The movement in the water is smooth therefore you can try swimming and aqua aerobics during the third trimester.

There are many water exercises that you can do in water like aqua Zumba and aqua jogging. However, avoid staying too long in the water and also those exercise positions in which you have to lay on your back.    

  1.       Yoga, Pilates, Barre, And Other Low-Impact Exercises

Besides swimming and walking, you can also do other exercises like yoga, pilates, and barre. All low impact exercises are best during this final trimester of pregnancy. Yoga is the best meditation exercise that helps in doing breathing exercises and body movements.

Women who have lower back pain problems can take advantage of yoga for strengthening their back muscles. Moreover, the breathing exercises will also help during the delivery.

You can also try pilates which strengthens the abdominal muscles. Pilates also helps in pushing during the delivery time.

These exercises are helpful during delivery time also. Therefore you need to try all these exercises. You can join those classes that are designed specifically for pregnant women. Moreover, also avoid doing extensive exercises that lead to overheating of the body.   

  1.       Bodyweight And Toning Moves

The last exercise that you can do for keeping yourself healthy and fit is bodyweight exercise and toning moves. Bodyweight exercises are helpful for building the strength of your body and you don’t need any equipment for that.

During pregnancy, you have to build the muscles of your glutes, hips, and thighs. You can do exercises like squats, planks, and wall push-ups for building the strength of these muscles. However, avoid doing crunches and ab work.

Plus you can also build the muscles of your arm by using small equipment like dumbbells. Start doing basic biceps and triceps workout. It will help in building up strength when the baby becomes heavy.

Some gynecologists also advise their patients to exercise by lifting a small weight around their hips because It will also strengthen the lower back muscles and carrying baby weight will be easy. Although lifting heavy weight can endanger the life of your baby therefore only opt-in for such exercise after consultation with your doctor.

Summing Up:

Exercises during pregnancy keep changing during the first, second, and third trimester. The exercises that are suitable during the first and second trimester may not be suitable during the third trimester of the pregnancy. 

During the third trimester best exercises that help in building strength and muscles are walking, jogging, swimming, water sports, yoga, and weight exercises. Choose the best exercise that best suits you after consulting with your exercise coach and doctor.