10 effective rules to live a healthy life according to Ayurveda


10 effective rules to live a healthy life according to Ayurveda

It might not be so easy to quit bad habits but it is easy to make some new habits a part of your life! To stay healthy we need to do what is appropria

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It might not be so easy to quit bad habits but it is easy to make some new habits a part of your life! To stay healthy we need to do what is appropriate for us. So, come, let us know how to live life by balancing between the present lifestyle and Ayurveda. You will be getting to read such news from around the world, in which tips for staying healthy are told … It seems very difficult, does it not work to curb the works which have become part of our daily life? So instead of paying attention to the long list of things that we do not have to do, why do not we pay attention to what we have to do? Here are some tips to keep yourself fit and lead a healthy life.

Manage your day from morning

The best way to remain stress-free throughout the day is to start your day early. Leave the bed before sunrise and do some walking at home. This will help you to get sluggish.

Along with this, you should make a table from the morning itself, what important work you have to do today. So that work stress does not dominate you. Also, keep your priority in mind and keep working. This will make you feel very good in the evening.

Start afresh every morning

Having a clean stomach during the morning provides special benefits to health, such as lightness and elation in the body, the mind remains happy and you feel energetic throughout the day. You can get better results from your actions because in this situation your focus is increased.

Benefits of oil massage

Every day try to massage your body with mustard oil before bathing. Massage at least 15 to 20 minutes. Keep a 10-minute gap between the massage and the bath.

It would be great if you can get some more time for a massage. Otherwise, we have suggested at least time for our young and super busy generation. Make sure you only use ayurvedic skin care products for your skin as most products available in the market contains chemicals and cause harm to your skin

Yoga and exercise

After the oil massage, you should take some time out for yoga. If possible, take a bath at least 10 minutes after the massage. If you have time, do yoga for at least 30 minutes and then take a bath with a gap of 30 minutes.

Keep track of your mind and hopes

All are connected to different fields, so all want to do their best in their respective fields. It is important that your mind and meditation work together.

To put mind and meditation together, definitely add hands before God. Or bow to God according to whatever religion you believe in.

Eat Pure and nutritious snacks

What you call breakfast or breakfast is a snack. That is a short diet. Never eat too much in the morning, instead of getting energy, you start feeling lethargic.

Also, your snack should be such that it is light in the effect but gives you energy. You can eat oatmeal, gram flour, semolina for breakfast.

Work hard

If you want good results in your work or say that you want to increase your productivity, then it is important that you keep your mind focused. Avoid unnecessary thoughts. Mobile serves to divert your attention. Put it on silent mode if possible.

What to eat in the afternoon?

While eating food, keep in mind that which vegetables and pulses are appropriate to eat in which season. For example, in this season you should not eat lentil lentils while moong dal, lentil, gram lentils and ahar dal should be consumed in plenty.

During the mid-day, be sure to consume a limited amount of rice in your meal. This will help you in controlling body temperature in the changing season. Your immunity will increase.

Keep in mind that you do not have to eat rice at night, as well, out of the pulses mentioned above, you can only consume moong dal at night, not any other lentils.

Dinner should be light and digestive

Ayurvadacharya says that dinner should be taken lightly and digestible. That is food that does not take a lot of time for digestion.

Also, one should not go to sleep immediately after having dinner at night. For some time, one should walk around the house with light steps. Try to have dinner at least two hours before bedtime. By adopting these things, you can control your growing stomach.

Calm down your mind and your body

While going to sleep, most people focus only on their physical relaxation. Whereas we should pay full attention to our body as well as the comfort of our mind. So after lying in bed, first focus on your breath.

When you start focusing on the breaths, try to keep the breaths deep and long … if you do this process, then you will feel sleepy in a few minutes and when you wake up in the morning you will feel happy and energetic. will do.